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A good portion of that liquidity is poured into ”Mintor Coin” to create NFTBucks.  Liquidity from Collectible NFTBucks will remain in Mintor as those Bucks will never be redeemed. And you will get Mintor Coin by owning $NRGYGo and holding it in your wallet.

See the current price of $NRGYGo here..

Currently owners get a Mintor drop equal to 10% of the NRGYGo they hold each month. When NFTBucks are used to purchase StarStake NFTs (SNFTs) a lot of the liquidity then goes into NRGY. 

Here is More Information about the

 NRGY DeFi Financial System 

But let’s DREAM BIG!

Let’s say over the next few years, StarStake & the entire NFT market, which is currently in its INFANCY, has MASSIVE growth – similar to how Amazon stock went from only $5 per share to over $3,000 per share over the course of just a few years.

Let’s say StarStake does $100 Billion per month in volume…

This is where the potential gets INSANE!

5% of $100 Billion would be $5 Billion 

$5 Billion divided amongst let’s say 100,000 accounts (which is around the max possible because of the limited supply) with 25 NRGY staked equals…

A WHOPPING $50,000 per month for each one!

If 25 NRGY were producing a MONTHLY cash flow of $50,000 … Just 1 NRGY could very well be worth well over $100,000!

Would this be a financial GAME CHANGER for your family for business?

The Minting Period

The royalty cash flow and the 100 weeks of minting rewards is what creates the DEMAND for NRGY.

What are the 100 weeks of minting rewards?

The minting contract for NRGY started February 2022 and will run for 100 weeks until approximately February 2024.

This means that you will earn ADDITIONAL NRGY EACH WEEK until around February of 2024!

The more NRGY you stake, the more NRGY you will earn from minting!

Even if you’re unable to purchase 25 NRGY right now, you can still purchase and stake a smaller amount to earn the minting rewards, which can potentially boost you to the 25 NRGY needed to qualify for royalty cash flow.  

The minting reward is proportional to the number of coins that go into staking each week.

It usually ranges anywhere from 0.5% - 4% (on the NRGY you have staked) each week, but can be MUCH more during weeks with higher growth.  

You can currently purchase NRGY and receive a 10% BONUS by agreeing to LOCK your coins in staking.  This means you can’t touch them until the lock period ends around the end of the year.  

This is to build a HEALTHY ecosystem & foundation for StarStake, which is set to be launched in just a few short weeks.

Of course, you’ll probably want to leave your NRGY in staking even after the required lock period ends so you can earn Dapp Royalties & Minting Rewards.

You can purchase just 23 coins NOW to have over 25 coins staked with the 10% Bonus!

To see how much it would be to purchase 23 coins, take the current price and multiply it by 23.

Current NRGY price can be found here…

Don’t hesitate in making the decision to stake NRGY because the bonus drops by 10% every 4 weeks until it’s gone.  Also, as the price goes up, it becomes harder and harder to stake 25.

Are You Ready to Get NRGY-zed?

I’m ready to Stake NRGY NOW!  What’s the next step?

Im Interested in staking NRGY, but have further questions

Get Paid to Grow the Community!

How Staking & Unstaking works:

When someone unstakes and sells their NRGY, while it temporarily brings the price of NRGY down…It also INCREASES the minting rewards and Dapp royalties for all the other stakers who remain staking NRGY. 

This increased royalty cash flow creates a DEMAND for new buyers who want to have 25 NRGY staked…Thus, INCREASING the price of NRGY as they buy and race to get 25 NRGY staked.

In addition to all this, when someone unstakes NRGY, there is a 32.5% unstaking fee (25% which was paid to incentivize Community growth & 7.5% which is BURNED and PERMANENTLY removed from circulation) This is actually a very GOOD thing…

Because it reduces the supply, thus making NRGY even more SCARCE, pushing Dapp royalty cash flow higher and higher over time for those who remain staked.

NRGY is basically an asset that you can purchase, which we believe has a very high probability of INCREASING in value…

All WHILE producing a royalty cash flow to those who choose to stake it.

And here’s where it gets even more interesting… 

StarStake is just but 1 application on the NRGY platform, be it a MONSTER one!  …But, there are other applications being planned to be deployed and integrated into the NRGY ecosystem!

And yes, as an NRGY staker with 25 or more, you will earn on those applications as well.

(As a sidenote:  NRGY stakers who have 500 NRGY staked earn what’s called Royal Rewards IN ADDITION to the royalties they earn for having 25 staked.  If you have the capital to purchase 500 NRGY and are interested in knowing more about this, we would be more than happy to have a personal chat with you.)

This royalty cash flow from StarStake as well as other Decentralized Applications (Dapps), yet to be on the NRGY DeFi Financial System, is what SECURES the ENTIRE ecosystem and allows NRGY to act similar to a Decentralized Bank OWNED by the COMMUNITY.


Since NRGY is EXTREMELY LIMITED in SUPPLY, not many people can stake 25 NRGY.

Currently, there’s nowhere even close to 2,500 accounts with 25 or more (around 500 currently), but let’s say over the coming weeks more people hear about this AMAZING opportunity and we have 2,500 accounts with 25 or more…

$2.5 million divided by 2,500 would be $1,000 per month each.

Now, let’s say StarStake did close to the numbers OpenSea is currently doing.

It gets pretty crazy… 

$5 Billion x 5% = $250 million

$250 million divided amongst let’s say 10,000 NRGY accounts with 25 or more staked would equal….

$25,000 PER MONTH in cash flow to EACH account with 25 or more!

StarStake Potential!

Here’s where it gets GOOD…

NRGY Stakers who have just 25 (or more) NRGY staked, get to earn royalties on the ENTIRE volume that goes through StarStake.

So, let’s take a look at what those numbers COULD be…

Now, I want to be clear that these are hypothetical numbers and not to be construed as a guarantee…

There is a platform in the NFT space called OpenSea, though not nearly as advanced or robust as StarStake.   OpenSea does close to $5 Billion per month. 

So, Let’s say StarStake did just 1% of that, which would be about $50 million…

NRGY Stakers receive 20% of the 25% cut that StarStake receives, which equals 5% of the TOTAL gross volume.

5% of $50 million = $2.5 million

StarStake Demo!

The Defi-Darkhorse Revealed!

The NRGY Ecosystem

The NRGY ecosystem uses what is called NFTBucks to take the friction out of crypto currency transactions. People purchase NFTBucks with crypto or credit card.      


NFTBucks are EXCLUSIVE to the NRGY and StarStake ecosystem, but they have been designed to be able to be integrated with third party applications such as Amazon & Shopify.

Get A Huge bonus for Staking Right Now! 

How Money Flows 

Through The Ecosystem

So what are Starstake NFTs (SNFTs)? 


An NFT has limited potential. But an SNFT's Technology essentially lets people trade Intellectual Property and can be applied to virtually every single business sector from musicians to pharmaceutical companies.

StarStake NFTs™️ or “SNFTswill give intellectual property (IP) creators the amazing ability to monetize their IP in new ways! It also gives SNFT purchasers the ability to earn future royalty payments from the use of such IP like never before!  Licensing payments create revenues for IP creators, royalties for rights holders, and incentivized referral rewards for the loyal fans who share their favorite IP.  SNFTs produce the opportunity to receive royalty payments for SNFT purchasers and IP creators through independent licensing contracts, compared to the limiting factors of traditional NFTs that produce zero income. 

(Read the full article here)…

This is where it gets really hard to comprehend the ENORMOUS potential, but once it clicks, the light bulb will really go ON!

SNFTs will only be offered through the StarStake application that is integrated into the NRGY ecosystem.

Watch the trailer for "StarStake”, and be prepared to have goosebumps! 

What is IP? (intellectual property)

SNFTs essentially enables Intellectual Property (IP) of ALL types to be traded.

Think about this… There has been a market for stocks, cryptocurrencies, Foreign exchange currencies, commodities, and real estate, but there has NEVER been a market for Intellectual Property until NOW!

Now, think about just how HUGE this market is – by FAR the BIGGEST in the world!  That’s because every dollar we spend goes to purchase some kind of IP from… 

the shoes we wear to the medications we take…

The YouTubers we subscribe to &  the music we listen to…

 The athletes we watch & the social media platforms we use…

 From the cars we buy to the Movies & TV programs we enjoy…

 Even the dishes we eat at our favorite restaurants…

 And of course the Online and Metaverse games we will soon all play!

ANY and EVERY form of IP you can think of or dream up… in fact ALL IP!

Are you starting to see just how huge this market is?

Are you starting to envision just how Humungous Apps like StarStake can become?

I really believe this is the equivalent of being able to get in EARLY into Bitcoin, Amazon, Apple, and Tesla COMBINED!

To see a demo of the STARSTAKE platform the very first Decentalized application to utilized the NRGY Financial System (which is currently being built and developed) watch below…